Chase Building, Rochester, New York

Chase Building, Rochester, New York

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I have updated my artist profile

Every now and then I update my artist profile.  It give me a new focus on my work. Here is is.

          Photography is the greatest form of self expression.  It communicates with my soul; a kind of a “catharsis scream”.  This  offers me a mental release  from my professional career.  After using my right brain all day, it is nice to use my left brain to create something meaningful.  This brings a yin and yang to my life.

        When I pick up my camera after work,  I prefer to shoot inanimate objects. Using light, shadows and selective focus, I am attempting  to give the objects a life force; allowing them to tell a story.  Because of this, I sometimes tend to become lost in my perception of light and shadows.  It allows me to constantly visualize different angles and perspectives of spaces and even people around me.

          When I photograph people, I am drawn to capturing them in communal areas.  I usually try and catch people off guard to create a pensive state of being which is a window into their souls.  You would be surprised how much people tend to let their guard down and become relaxed when they think no one is watching.  (Ever notice how differently children behave when they know they are being watched?)

           I’ve come to this place of artistic expression after experimenting with several other approaches to photography.  I finally listened to an art director and a close friend of mine and I redirected my work to reflect my own true artistic expression. 

   I think that this is a true reflection on who I really am. Another thing that I like about it, while I am continuing to pursue my photography, it would not reflect badly on myself if I make any career changes. (Not that I am planning on anything)

Thanks for visiting and happy shooting

John-Roy Photography

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